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Showing an interest on Pick N Mix Friday Flavas

Pick N Mix Friday Flavas returns tonight for Valentine's Day and Senior Nobleman & Ace Of Jzacks will be sharing the love only on Ace Of Jacks Radio. Join them from 9pm -11pm (GMT) for another session of great music, fun facts and more special guests.

The topic of the day is appropriately about "showing an interest in someone" - How do you do it? How did you do it?  What if misread or can't read the signals? Let's discussion

Tonight the guys are joined by Author, Female Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Pole Dance Instructor - Nofisa Casemen.  Noifisa has  a mission to support women worldwide to get unstuck, gain clarity on their deepest desires and move fiercely toward their goals. She will be speaking about her journey hopefully with a few tips on how to show you are interested in someone.

Tune in or watch live via high definition webcam at:

Website: www.aceofjacks.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aceofjacksent

Twitter: @aceofjacks

Instagram: @aceofjacks

Get involved by calling 07961 977 707

Don’t forget to add +44 and exclude the (0) if your call from outside the UK

Email: radio@aceofjacks.com

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